These guys intend to change the world of apparel (and they are reporting all the way)


Today’s ‘almost daily’ blogpost is dedicated on a single source  – I am happy to share with you the story of my friends and schoolmates Julian and Marin who just launched their non-iron dress shirts brand DULO.

The guys are currently working as software developers in Amsterdam but few months ago they shared with me this crazy idea of creating a shirt from performance fabrics or as they called it “a shirt that removes the hassle out of caring for it. More hustle, less hassle.”

As they admitted they don’t know shit about shirt manufacturing or apparel business but here comes the best part of their undertaking – they are documenting the whole thing on social media.

I’m tempted to tell you more about DULO but I really want you to learn their story yourself (these guys have produced so much content in such short time), so I just gathered for you their content in this post.

If you are really interested in the whole story, you should start with Dulo’s articles on Medium:


If you’re too busy to read, just check DULO’s Instagram account:


Oh, and don’t forget the videos

Marin and Julian are vlogging too, and there are 3 vlogs so far in which they share their thoughts on Dulo:

Vlog 001

Vlog 002



Vlog 003


I’ll be following all along and hope to share a performance shirt review soon 😉

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